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 Welcome to FreezinHell!

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PostSubject: Welcome to FreezinHell!   Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:44 am

Freezin Hell

Well this is Freezin*Hell Guild! A group of new family who tries to make bigger family. We're newbies at guild things, but we will try our best to help guildmates and make your life in wonderland more fun.
This guild leads by -Snow- and Fr33ze. Um... I dont have more to talk, wait for other time.

Rules :
1. Speak English
3. Respect Others
4. 2x exp day : NO BEGGING QUEST
5. Have Fun!

As long you don't beg much and be active. Because we do "Member Vacuuming" on random days. Means we gotta kick out who inactive. So if you gotta inactive in along time, mail leader or meh.
Even Lv 10++ are prefered, who's less from 10 can join as long you level up fast, to lv to 10 its not big deal right?

Freezin Hell Family List :
Org. Leader :
-Snow- (Mrs.DC/Elmo/Boss)
A SHEMALE guildleader(lol) who very helpful. This is an alt of -Ryu-. Guildies often call him Mr.DC/Mrs.DC because he DCed alot (specially in GS quest ==). And his "DC" time is around 9AM EST time.
Water Support Lv 18x
Main : -Ryu- Fire Warrior Lv 16x

Vice Org.Leader
♦️ Fr33ze (Mishy)
Water Supporter Lv 16x
♦️ -Oathleaf- (Moving Dictionary/EO/Mad-Moderator)
Fire Magician Lv 7x
A very busy viceorgleader, thats what I thought lol. I enjoyed my work being vices tho.
♦️ Kilaila (Kila)
Water Supporter Lv 10x
♦️ Minglo (Ming!)
Fire Element Lv 4x
Really talkative viceorg leader, sky's GF? lol

Some "active" members :
♥️ sAkuRa_23 a.k.a saku chan!
♥️ Sklavin a.k.a mishy
♥️ -LoVe-
♥️ #Joey# ( I don't know how to type the "#" word, its like square... alas idk.)
♥️ _Utau_ (weekend)
♥️ Kimberly. (weekend) a.k.a kimmy
♥️ EvilFenix
♥️ destro
♥️ fire.bird
♥️ skyprince (talkative too, mings BF?)
♥️ Umiisukii
♥️ KailaYuki
♥️ CooLgirLz♥️
♥️ Sakiie
♥️ Riviera
And many more, I can't list them all...

Guilds Event :
[size=15]Quest Day

Time : Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 4AM~10AM EST time.
Description :
We will help guildies in questing every friday! So if you dreaming to get GS or charlotte, just level up and wait for lovely Friday! HAHAHAHAHA!
But, in order to ask help, please meet the criteria that I wrote on :
Refer to #76 post.

Guild Trip
Time : Every Saturday/Sunday
Description :
We will make a trip with guildies! Any lvl can join! We have 5 peoples here with steamship, so we can take many members! When we arrived to the destination, we will do a mini event like "Pet PK Event", "Wonderland Trivia", or "Hide-and-Seek"! Don't miss this lovely fun and crazy event! lol

-Oathleaf out Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to FreezinHell!   Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:11 am

YAY thank for this oath and yes i am ming bf 8D....
anyway peace^^
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to FreezinHell!   Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:57 pm

hahahaha yea sky my bf =P u got something wrong with it?!!? >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to FreezinHell!   

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Welcome to FreezinHell!
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