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 CAT VS DOG event

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PostSubject: CAT VS DOG event   Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:55 am

all of u also know dog hate cat n same to cat so i decided to has this activity.
every Sunday , i will ride a cat , then u all will ride a dog n come to catch me.

how to catch me?
very easy only , just walk though me !!!

wen the game will start?
wen the game start , i will shout at guild there like this : the cat vs dog game has start,pls ride ur dog!!!

can help me be cat as well ?
sure if u wanna to be cat just like me but only can be ur main.tell me if u wanna to be cat as well , then i maybe will lets u be cat as well .

how to join?
very easy only,just ride ur cat , then walk though me only!!!

the winner get wat?
the winner will get a present but i wont tell u.maybe it is EQ , weapon or money. i will give u pets as well!!!

the rule:
1. can find other player to play as well!!!
2. cannot scold the winner if they win
3. can not ask me to give the item u wan.
4. can use any EQ if u wanna to.
5. i maybe will at oslay,mayan or other place.
6. wen i fight with monster , u must stay around me for 1 m .

that the rule,hope u all will join!!!
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CAT VS DOG event
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