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 Quests for death of pets

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PostSubject: Quests for death of pets   Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:01 am

After finishing the death mission, ur pet will die and leave ur team. But don’t worry, u pet’s equipments and weapons will automatically return to ur inventory bag. If u still want this dead pet, u need to talk to the priest in the cathedral of Holy Village and he will help u to revive ur pet, but u will be asked to give him a certain amount of stars which u got from other missions for exchanging.
Now I will write details about each of them.

Name: The monkey and his parents, again
Place: Welling village’s forest area
Target: Orangutan
Condition: The Angry Monkey Incident; Monkey is in ur team
Reward: Banana Peel *3; Blooded Necklace *1
Revival requirement: 2 stars
1. Go to the Welling village’s forest area, u will c the question mark on the map
2. Talk to the Orangutan, the presbyter comes and trying to capture the monkey, u need to beat 2 guards
3. After u beat them, the presbyter will use magic and turn the poor monkey to Alien Orang. U need to beat it.
4. Later, the monkey will leave ur team and u will get the reward

Name: Pluto – Hoult
Place: Ghost isle
Target: Enter the 2F of Ghost Isle
Condition: Strong Enemy,Frederico (Revival isle); Path of truth(Egypt) ; The secret of Barnya Sky City (Voyage map) ; Witch-Partice (Korea) ; Test from god of fight (Iceberg) ; Twins of light and dark (Maya) ; Faith under the stars sky (Hawaii)
Reward: 20% EXP Capsule*1, pet-Frederico
Revival requirement: 5 stars
1. Go to the 2F of Ghost Isle, fight with 5 Frederico
Fire lv152 hp57500
Water*2 lv144 hp43600
Wind lv148 hp47500
Earth lv145 hp41400
2. Niss dies, Frederico join into the team.
- Use Roca to fight with Frederico, Frederico is weak to Roca.

Name: Xaolan’s destiney
Place: Stoowa Isle
Target: the stelae on 2F of the Isle (X:3382, Y:415)
Condition: Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed (Kelan village) ; Avenging Priate (North island); Xaolan is in ur team
Reward: Stars*2; constellation - Cygnus
Revival requirement: 4 stars
1. Go to (X:3382, Y:415) on the 2F in Stoowa Isle, click the stelae, Xaolan will translate the words for u.
2. Go into the secret tunnel, u will c a question mark on the map, and then get there.
3. Beat the huge ancient spider (Fire attribute, HP9500, lv100) and 2 ancient spiders(Earth attribute, lv60, hp ***) After fighting, the spider will capture Xaolan and become powerful, but Xaolan still got clear mind, she stop the spider and let the player kill the spider. Xaolan finally perish together with the spider. (T.T very sad story…)

Name: Strong Enemy, Frederico
Place: Bar in Holy village
Target: the 2 NPCs in the bar ( near the bar owner)
Condition: Roca and Clive are in ur team, The other side of cave (South island)
Reward: constellation – Bootes; Wind speed necklace(increase SPD 50% when a wind attribute char equipped ONLY); Stars*3; red devil spar (attributes+14)
Revival requirement: 6 stars
1. Talk to the NPCs in front of the bar owner, Clive and Roca will tell player to go there (Revival Isle)
2. Go to Revival Isle, enter the cave in the mid of the map, then go into the entrance on the left hand side.
3. Before u enter the next lv, the guards are coming to u, at this time, Clive comes out and he will take the guards and let player and Roca find Frederico.
3. Beat 3 Fredericos (Water,lv150,HP45000; Earth,lv121,HP21400; Wind,lv117,HP17500)
4. After fighting, Roca and player come bak to find Clive, Clive is dying. After few words, Clive dies. (Another sad story)
- Equip Roca with the La.Tim's Lease which get from the quest – the other side of cave, otherwise, roca’s atk will be counteratked. After equipping it, Roca’s atk will be very powerful, enjoy the dmg ^_^
- Before doing this quest, plz solve Magellan’s quest, coz if Clive die, u cant active Magellan’s quest without him. If u really don’t care about ur stars, just ignore this suggestion.

Name: Don’t leave! ShaSha!
Place: Mayan Forest
Target: Stone door (X:3682, Y: 3155) (there is a question mark on the map)
Condition: ShaSha is in the team, ShaSha’s amity must be 70 or over.
Reward: Broken UFO design*1; Stars*3; constellation - Aries
Revival requirement: 8 stars
1. Enter the stone door, go to the end of the cave, there will be a question mark on the map
2. Fight with 3 ETs (all of them r wind attribute, lv100, HP9600)
3. After battle, ET will lock the player and ShaSha in the cave, ShaSha will sacrifice herself to open the door, coz the ancient word which only ShaSha understand says “only the fresh blood can open the door” ShaSha dies.

Name: Ambition of Mutter
Place: Ghost Isle
Target: The place where u get Fred
Condition: Leave(the quest la tim leave u), Have Fred and Roca in ur team, set Fred as battle
Reward: Star*4, amber earring*1, constellation - Scorpio
Revival requirement: 6 stars
1. Take Roca and Fred there
2. First battle, 4 guards, reinforcement once, 4 different attributes; HP around 900-1000
3. As gut going, 2nd battle, Evil Snake Woman, lv120, HP27510, skills: hot fire, fire stone beating, fire combo beating, mess spell. 8 snakes, hp around 900, 4 attributes mixed up
4. After finishing the fight, there will be more guards coming, at this time, Roca will tell u and let Fred and u go first, she will deal with those guards. After Roca come bak, u find out she was badly injured. Roca dies......

Name: Secret Fete Book
Place: Hanging Garden
Target: in front of the fountain at the location X:1644, Y:1490 with the Luna Jade in your inventory and Qlaya with you
Condition: Sibling Love, Lost Princess, Luna Clan, Luna's Palace
Reward: 10% EXP Capsule
Revival requirement: 6 stars
1. Enter to the chamber, go to the end of chamber
2. First battle Berthaud, and u suposse to lose at this battle
3. Speak to Qlaya's mother, she will tell u the secret to beat Berthaud
4. Now begin the real battle, Berthaud, lvl 175 fire, HP22580, 6 bat all element (some of them have spawn) HP10-11k all do seal skill
5. After you finish the battle you will receive a 10% EXP Capsule Prize and Qlaya will leave your team

note : Well for Magellan i haven't got any info bout that and for Elin it will be released in v5.0
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Quests for death of pets
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