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 Sealord Treasure Quest Guide

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PostSubject: Sealord Treasure Quest Guide   Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:04 am

Hi guildies, I found this guide on forum so I just copied and paste on here ( of course I deleted some of the umimportant parts). Sorry I couldn't paste the pics here, but I will post a link for it here just in case u want to see the pics from that quest. I'll try to fix the grammar and make it easier to read and understand soon (bcoz it's almost 1 am now and I'm sleepy XD)

Sealord quest guide link:

This quest start at Relic island:

1st battle easy they hp around 2k only and attack like babe girl and no debuff skill

2nd battle is...sea still easy they hp around 2k only and attack like babe girl and also no debuff skill

3rd battle still easy they hp around 2.2k and no debuff skill

4-5th battle is chain battle(u will auto go in battle after defeaed 4th battle and clicked)
4th battle is...hug violent shark and sea horse
***hug violent shark and sea horse same 6th battle***

5th battle is...titan trace sea lord(boss) and trace sea lord and huge violent shark and sea horse...
***titac trace sealord and trace sealord and huge violent shark and sea horse same 6th battle***
after finished this battle u will get 5% exp capsule and sea lord key

now go back to here u will see the door...use sea lord key for open it

after opened the door u will go in the secrete place(again)
go at same at pic...u will see sea lord again with his tresaure o.0 and he know u want his treasure
let fight!
6th battle is...titan trace sealord(boss) and trace sealord and shadow trace sealord and huge violent shark and sea horse
here is last battle and real hell

sea horse (fire,earth,wind,water level 145) hp 11k
use magical attack that do not much daamge but his buff/debuff skill is use last support skill (2x damage) then cant
use icepack / water use water shield,heal hp/sp and sleep spell/ wind use cord and coma...good they less hp then kill sealer
first will help alot

shadow trace sealord 25k hp (fire,earth,wind level 175)
use physical and magical skill they damage is use fire stone hit/wind use last mageskill/earth use last mage skill
befor hidden skill...good they less hp then not hard much to kill em

huge violent shark (fire level 160) 25k hp
use physical attack do damage like hell...good it use physical attack then can wall and it less hp then not hard much to kill em

trace sealord (water level 180) 30k hp
his physical attack and one target magical attack do daamge like hell too and his AOE magical attack 8 ppl same
dark niss but more alot damage and he body is hard to seal 300+int still miss alot...good it less hp

titan trace sealord (boss: water level 192) 60k hp
he is real hell...his physical attack do daamge more than huge violent shark and his magical attack do damage more than
trace sealord alot

after defeated him u will got 5% exp capsule, 5x holy exp potion and sea crest(+def30 +maxHP160) and sealord key
will gone...but dont worry u can go in here again for train every time u want bcos the secrete door is opened already.
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Sealord Treasure Quest Guide
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