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 Quests/places to get Forgotten Scrolls

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PostSubject: Quests/places to get Forgotten Scrolls   Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:32 pm

I 'll start with quests for forgotten scrolls ( or also know a lethe scrolls). For those who messed up their stat ( for example, me XD) or just want to make a little adjustment to their stat, this will be a helpful guide for you Smile

Forgotten/Lethe Scroll: Reverts one's ability points by 1 point
(NOTE: Forgotten scrolls are obtained from the quests, they r all untradable; Lethe scrolls are gained from playing item mall game or the golden treasure boxes and they r tradable)

Name: (the name of the quest)
Position: (where the quest take place)
Target: (the npc who gives u the quest)
Condition: (any other quest needs to be solved be4)
Reward: (the stuffs which u get after solving the mission)
Process: (the steps to finish the quest)

1) Name: None
Position: Above outside of kama cave in North Island
Target: treasure box
Condition: Any aero craft
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. Use aero craft travel to the right top outside of kama cave
2. Click the treasure box and get the reward

2) Name: Rest area of ET
Position: X:3482,Y: 2735 in Welling village
Target: ET
Condition: Any aero craft
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. Use aero craft travel to the position, talk ET
2. Get reward

3) Name: The secret of mirror
Position: the mirror under the well, the place to change mirror’s direction to open the door for the quest which called “the secret of the well” in Holy Village
Target: Mirror
Condition: The secret of well
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. There r 3 mirror in the cave, click the one which not related to the open door game (TIP: you need to have the hidden door open or at least light on the mirror you need to talk
to) Credit by LilScab1982
2. After click it around 10 times, the scene will automatically run. (Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful woman/handsome man in the world! ^_^ funny conversation)
3. Get the reward

4) Name: South Pole captain
Position: Inside of South Pole cave
Target: Steam ship
Condition: None
Reward: Steam ship design, Forgotten Scroll *1
1. Click the steam ship outside of South Pole cave
2. Enter the cave, go into the top left and transfer to the next map, u will c the captain was surround by wolves. Talk to the captain and beat 4 wolves (4 different attributes,
LV70, HP5500)
3. The captain wants u to help him to get 2 stuffs for fixing the steam ship, one is Large Assembly Tool, the other one is steam engine (made in Grinding Equipment)
4. Give all the stuffs captain needs, get the reward

5) Name: Seabed Dragon Palace
Position: Koyota (Japan)
Target: The men near the turtle
Condition: None
Reward: EXP200, Forgotten Scroll *1
1. talk to the man, he will ask u how old is that elder, choose 8, 5
2. After answer correctly, the man will leave the turtle to u. Later, the turtle will take u to seabed dragon palace for reward.
3. Enter the dragon palace, walk up the stairs, u will c the lethe scroll, click and get it.
4. Return to the turtle, click “go bak”, finished.

6) Name: None
Position: X542, Y1355 in China
Target: Treasure box
Condition: Any aero craft
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. Use any aero craft to there and click the treasure box
2. Get the reward

7) Name: I want to go home
Position: Right corner of Egypt map
Target: Martian
Condition: The stranger who never eats and drinks, brings 3 magnets and 1 magnet stone
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1, Hot sweet potato *1
1. Solve the quest the stranger who never eats and drinks in Egypt village, then go to the Egypt world map, use transport (aero craft or ships) to right corner of the map.
2. Talk to the ET, it will tell u it needs 3 magnets and 1 magnet stone to repair his UFO to go back home.
3. After u giving it the requirements, it will give u the reward.

Cool Name: None
Position: oasis in Egypt world map, near the coconut trees
Target: Treasure box
Condition: None
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. Just jump into the river and 'swin' there, click the treasure box
2. Get the reward

9) Name: Paper is expensive
Position: Chang’an
Target: Scholar in the house
Condition: 10 pieces of paper
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1, bun with cabbage and pork *10
1. Go to Civillian's House in Chang’an and give the Scholar 10 pieces of paper
2. Get the rewards

10) Name: Vendor’s lover
Position: China
Target: Picture vendor
Condition: No ink now, 5000g
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1, Riddle Paper*20
1. Solve “No ink Now”, then the vendor will let u send a message to Xaohui for him
2. Go to hotel in Chang’an, Xaohui is just next to the hotel owner, talk and give her 5000g
3. Get the rewards

11) Name: None
Position: Inca (X:4002, Y:5755)
Target: Treasure box
Condition: None
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. Use any aircraft to open the treasure box
2. Get the reward

12) Name: ET’s Tryst
Position: Right top corner at Mayan forest
Target: Blue Green ET (X:4402, Y:515)
Condition: Aircraft is required
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. Use aircraft to get to the right top corner of Mayan forest, talk to the ET
2. Start battle, 8 ETs, 2 for each attributes, lv100, hp3003
3. Beat the ETs, get the reward

13) Name: Huge Crocodile’s invasion
Position: Mayan Forest (X:4989, Y:4331)
Target: Villager on the left of the Mayan Forest
Condition: Aircraft is required, boat *1
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1, 5% pet exp capsule *1
1. Talk to the village, start battle with crocodile (Boss, hp12000, and 4 lil crocodiles, lv around 7X)
2. Beat all the monsters, give the villager a boat, get the rewards

14) Name: None
Position: Underground Tumulus of Chang’an cave
Target: Pillar
Condition: Dragon Spirit’s Trial
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1
1. After solving Dragon Spirit’s Trial quest, click one of the pillars around there
2. Talk and receive the reward
(The way is same as the one which u get forgotten scroll under the well which u get from clicking the mirror)

15) Name: Test from the Sunlight god
Position: Budda’s Chamber in Bangkok (X:502, Y:1315)
Target: The Immortal
Condition: First Trial
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *5
1. Do the quest of job changing
2. Get 1 forgotten scroll each battle after the 3rd round

(These infor above are credited to Chenwy who posted them on forum)
Following are forgotten scrolls came out in V4:

16) Name: The Secrets of the Hanging Garden
Location: Hanging Extension (1582, 915) in the Hanging Garden
Condition: The quest Key of Babylon must have first been completed.
Process: A locked iron door is hidden in the Hanging Extension; but why? What could be hidden behind it?
Reward: Small Love Bouquet*1, Forgotten Scroll*1.

17) Name: Dirty Pool
Location: Athens
NPC: Village Leader
Condition: The quest Help Watching the House must have first been completed.
Process: The Pool in Athens has been polluted but by what and by who? Can you help the citizens of Athens find out the cause and the culprit behind this travesty?
Reward: Forgotten Scroll*1, 1000 EXP

18) Name: Immortal Grass
Location: Athens
NPC: Dairy Cattle
Condition: None
Process: It is said that there is a common Dairy Cow that can speak in Athens! Wow, so weird you'd better go and visit it before it gets to famous for it's own good...
Reward: Forgotten Scroll*1, Star*1

19) Name: Disturbing Ninja
Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: Shiv Guard
Condition: None
Process: Can you help the guard to get rid of the four troublesome Ninjas who are disturbing the villagers?
Reward: Forgotten Scroll*1

20) Name: Luna's Palace
Target: Moon
Condition: The quest Luna Clan must have been completed and you should go to the Moon by the Airship.
Process: Go through the path on the Moon and find the gate for the Luna's Palace.
Note: Go back to click Moon Shadow in Luna's Palace so as to get the Luna Jade.
Rewards: Forgotten Scroll*4, Crystal*1, Class's Manteau, Transfer Class successfully.

21) Instance: Instinct Temple Incident
Reward: Forgotten Scroll *1 (random reward bcoz u could get 1 of other items instead)
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Quests/places to get Forgotten Scrolls
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