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 Pura has arrived :P

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PostSubject: Pura has arrived :P   Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:46 am

Woo I'm here!! Just noticed like a few hours ago that our guild actually had a forum.
Also this font is terribly cute. But er-hem. Let's get to the point?

Hi guys it's me Pura (in case you haven't figured it out yet) also known (pretty recently) as Ayame1221 or meiko00.
Soo everyone is sharing their life experience with WL so I might as well share mine too, no?

I joined WL because I looked at the advertisement in some site (Dunno which) and it looked really cute, so I decided to try it.
First time I chose a Nina in Aries1 Razz it was really crazy to arrive at SB and it was PACKED! Really, filled with people! Took me a while to figure where the exit was Razz
After that, the game crashed in my first battle against some jellies xD I relogged and decided to try another server. By that time, Cancer had just started, so I thought it'd be the least populated server.
First I made a character called Pinky10- Don't use her anymore though xD In the end I created another acc and made Pura- I had just found out how to make Breillats, so it was the first thing I did!
After getting to level 15, I was awkwardly weak, and even monsters lower level than me could beat me! That's when I understood that I had to allocate points Razz That's why I was so weak xD
I ended up getting my sister to join around that time- She thought it was cute, so I took advantadge of the situation to have a questing partner. She wasn't as active as me, and that's why she has lots of quests unfinished, even though I've done them, already.
I've already been in many guilds in WL, and made some pretty strong friends (Philidor, Cemmerian, DeeLe) who have helped me much ^v^ But I can doubtlessly say Freezin*Hell is the best I've ever been in. Lots of help and crazy, funny people Razz It's truly like a second home to me. I used to give up WL because I couldn't get stronger, but now I can blackmail Ryu with coal blocks to get cute pets get help from my fellow guildsies Razz And help them, too! Even though I'm not the best fighter around xD
So, I guess that's what I remember from my long WL story. Don't be shy guys, talk to me, I don't (usually) bite!
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Pura has arrived :P
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