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 Vehicle Design Guide/Quest

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PostSubject: Vehicle Design Guide/Quest   Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:44 pm


ok this guide is not mines its someone else im just posting here since some people dont kno how to use the WLO forum well or possible lazy,so give credit to the original owner.ill post more guide up that dont belong to me but will help guild in whatever they need help with.

*Note - Some guide u might need to log on to see them, if u are using the link if not look below*


Quest for transport blueprint (design)
OK, this time, I bring all the quests for the blueprint (design) of transport, hope it may help everyone to have all of them and travel around the world in the future.
1. Cabriolet and Yacht r still not available also, even in Chinese version, they r not exist, I don’t know y we have that pic. so sad…sigh~~~

Name: the name of the mission
Place: the place u get the quest
Target: npc or item which gives u the quest
Condition: any previous mission related to this quest
Reward: the reward which u get from the mission
Tool: the tool which is used for manufacturing the transport
Process: information and process of the quest

Name: Evru’s puzzle
Place: Willing village, Evru’s house
Target: Treasure box (behind Evru’s)
Condition: None
Reward: Boat design
Tool: Stone Knife
1.Click the box and Evru will ask u a question
2.Choose “0”
3.Get the reward

Name: Make a raft
Place: Willing village, Tark’s house
Target: Tark
Condition: None
Reward: Raft design
Tool: Stone Knife
Process: to Tark
2.He will ask u to give him 3 Lauans
3.Get the reward

Hot-air balloon

Name: The hidden cellar
Place: Holy village
Target: little boy (X 942, Y 735)
Condition: None
Reward: Hot-air balloon design
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1.Talk to the little boy, he will tell u there is a secret behind the tree
2.Then u go behind the tree, u will find a door, enter it
3.Go to the end, beat a dark elf (earth, LV60, HP7200)
4.Open the treasure box behind the dark elf and get the reward

Name: Unbelievers
Place: Holy village
Target: Cathedral
Condition: None
Reward: Star*2, Jalor Design
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1.Enter the Cathedral, the scene starts automatically
2.Talk to the priest, he will tell u the key of cellar is in village leader’s house
3.Go there and talk to the leader, the leader will refuse to give u the key
4.Go near the exit of the house, the chamberlain will tell u the position of the key
5.Go near the wall and click the square stone on the wall, u will receive the key
6.Bak to the cellar, go to the end, talk to the guard, choose “come to rescue them”, beat them (LV28, fire, HP307)
7.Bak to the priest, choose the first choice, fight with guards again (LV28, fire, HP276)
8.Get the reward from the priest

Magic Carpet
Name: Find the lost Ancient Calendar
Place: Mayan Tribe
Target: Mayan Tribe Calendar keeper
Condition: None
Reward: Magic Carpet design*1
Tool: Auto Loom
1.Talk to the Mayan Keeper, he/she will let u find the ancient calendar for him/her.
2.Go outside, find a boy called Little Beru (X: 700 Y: 1900)
3.Exchange a Yaro Safflower with the calendar from him
4.Bak to the calendar keeper, get the reward.

Mighty Plane
Name: That's the light!
Place: Oslya
Target: Wright (at the top of the second left cave in Oslya)
Condition: None
Reward: amber evil spar*1, Mighty plane design
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1.Go to the top of the cave in Oslya, the scene will automatically start when u get there
2.Talk to Wright, he will tell u his plane was damaged, so he needs u to give him an airscrew and plane wings
3.Give him what he needs, finish the task and get the rewards.

Name: Awaken little boy
Place: Mayan Tribe
Target: Mayan Tribe Villager (in the house near the dentist)
Condition: Quick offering; Don’t leave! ShaSha! (U need to bring the Damaged UFO design which u get in the mission “Don’t leave! ShaSha!”)
NOTE: For solving “Don’t leave!ShaSha!”, ShaSha needs 70 amity as required. Otherwise, u cant do the mission.
 After the mission “Don’t leave! ShaSha!” ShaSha will die at the end of the mission, so be aware of this.
Reward: UFO design
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1.Talk to the villager in the house
2.Then talk to the little boy
3.Beat 4 ET (3 at the beginning and 1 reinforcement) [Water, LV110, HP12000; fire, wind and earth(reinforcement), LV100, HP922]
4. Get the reward

Steam ship
Name: South Pole captain
Place: South Pole
Target: Steam ship
Condition: None
Reward: Steam ship design, Forgotten scroll*1
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1.Click the steam ship outside of South Pole cave
2.Enter the cave, go into the top left and transfer to the next map, u will c the captain was surround by wolves. Talk to the captain and beat 4 wolves (4 different attributes, LV70, HP5500)
3.The captain wants u to help him to get 2 stuffs for fixing the steam ship, one is Large Assembly Tool, the other one is steam engine (made in Grinding Equipment)
4.Give all the stuffs captain needs, get the reward

Airship(ingame name: spaceship)
Name: Colossus Relic
Place: Revival Isle
Target: Revival Isle Map-key hole in Moai State
Condition: Battle in the Crater of the Volcano
Reward: 10% EXP Capsule*1, Airship design
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1.Take the key which u get from the mission “Battle in the Crater of the Volcano” to the right of the Revival Isle map. [TIP: u can c a bridge on the small map, that’s place]
2.Use the key to open the stone door
3.Go to the end of first map, u will need to fight with 8 Moai (4 different attributes, LV90, HP1000)
4.Enter the next map, click a yellow paper on the wall, solve a puzzle. (Answer: 7:35), then fight with another 7 Moai (1 large Moai, LV135, HP22000; 6 small Moai, LV90, HP1000)
5.Get the reward from the treasure box


Name: Cavern of Pyramid
Place: Cairo
Target: Khafra (near the 2nd building on the left hand side when u enter the Cairo)
Condition: None
Reward: 15% EXP Capsule*1, Robot design
Tool: Welding Tool
1.Buy a key from Khafra which cost u 30k
2.Then enter to the Pyramid in Egypt, to the top left, open the door by the key which u bought
3.Click the treasure box, solve the puzzle (Answer: human), then start to fight with sphinx and 3 mummies (Sphinx, earth, LV120, HP25000; Mummy, LV88,HP1150)
4.Get the reward

Turtle car/ Locomotive
For this blueprint (design), u need to get all 7 colour keys and open 7 certain colour treasure boxes, u need to talk to the packman in Inchon (the person who sell a green key to u which cost u 20k, not the traders who sell u the equipment or stuffs) to get the design. All in all, for getting one of this design, get ready to spend a lot of money. U have to open all the coloured treasure boxes to receive the turtle car / locomotive design
U can’t get both design, only one, so if u want to get both, create another account and get the other one.
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
7 colour keys:
2 Blue keys
- A girl in Cairo (in the first house), the key=20k
-“ The boy is so strange now” (in Cairo, u need to capture a yellow mantis for him)
3 Red keys
- The woman in Holy village who wants to jump into the river (20k = a red key)
- "Simple mission" (in Japan, finish the mission, get the key from the old man, Boss: lv160,hp35000; Guards: WATER,FIRE, LV90, HP1***)
- "The sun god" (In 2nd map of Cairo forest, u will c a question mark, then solve it. First round, Boss:FIRE,LV90,HP27850; Guards: EARTH,HP11350; WATER,HP12350, reinforcement: WIND,FIRE. 2nd round, Boos: Fire,lv90,27850; Guards: WATER,HP13000, EARTH,HP13250; reinforcement: WIND, FIRE)
2 Green keys
- The packman in Inchon (the key=20k)
-“Dr. Chang’Jin” (in the house which on the top right of Inchon, she will let u go to buy medicine for her which cost 10k)
6 colour treasure boxes:
2 Blue Treasure Boxes:
- On the fleet of Captain Cook
- 4F in the cave of Taiwan
2 Red Treasure Boxes:
- In the cave of Oslya (the left one)
- In the ground floor of the cave in Japan (the middle one in the map)
- the cave in Japan, under the ground floor.
2 Green Treasure Boxes:
- In the cave of Korea, 2F, X:3062, Y:855
- Under the ground floor of Pyramid

Name: The secret of ***
Place: Japan
Condition: The Ninja's Treasure, The princess Eloped!, *** design (reward from the quest "The Ninjia's Treasure)
Reward: Submarine design*1
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1. Go to lv2 of the *** in Japan, talk with ***, start the battle
2. 5 Ninja, 1 boss Hp13000, earth, no reinforcement, other 4 different attribute Ninja, hp4XXX, with reinforcement (first time reinforce a different attribute Ninja, hp is the same. 2nd time, reinforce a non-attribute Ninja, Hp7100)
3. Finish the battle, get the reward.
[PS. for *** means i didnt know the actual ingame i will fix up later]

Landing Craft
Name: Luna's Gift
Place: Mayan forest
Target: Landing Craft in the tunnel
Condition: Unfolded seal; Luna's key(the one u get as the reward from the quest "Unfolded seal"); Aircraft
Reward: Landing Craft design
Tool: Large Assembly Tool
1. Go to the right top on the map of Mayan forest
2. Use any aircraft fly across the trees, enter the tunnel (at that time, u need key to enter there)
3. Walk to the end, click the landing craft, guards appear and says u r the theif, then fight!
4. 4 Mayan guards, 4 attributes, lv95, hp 8800+, several reinforcement
5. After beat them, they will leave, get the reward.
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Vehicle Design Guide/Quest
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