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 List of Quests: Baked and Hot Potato

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PostSubject: List of Quests: Baked and Hot Potato   Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:34 pm

Baked Potato


Hijacker in the desert

Target: European Merchant
Condition: None
Help the European Merchant to get his moneybag back.
Go straight to the left and you'll see 3 cacti and then go to a triangle made of 3 stones. Defeat the Desert Robbers there and get back the moneybag which is buried under the biggest stone.
Rewards: Baked Potato*1

Back to Hometown

Target: Lost Martian
Condition: The quest from the man in Cairo outside hotel
Give 1 Magnet Stone and 3 Magnets to the Martian.
Rewards: Baked Potato*1


Oh! Vase!

Target: Ware Maker
Condition: Dry Clay*5, Yellow Clay*10 and Gold Foil*1
Process: Go talk to Ware Maker in Civillian's House and give him Dry Clay*5, Yellow Clay*10 and Gold Foil*1. Gold Foil can be found in a chest buried in an underground path. The entrance is hidden somewhere in the village.
Rewards: Baked Potato*1

Hot Potato
Revival Isle

Unique Garden

Target: To the left of the Long-eared Tribe entrance (One grass with 5 leaves)
Condition: None
Process: Click the grass (X: 362 Y: 1275) in Revival Isle to have a talk. After that go fight the monsters.
Rewards: 3X Holy EXP Potion or Hot Potato (automatic)


European Merchant

Target: European Merchant
Condition: None
Process: There is a teleportation spot at the bottom left corner of the Egyptian map, talk with the European Merchant when entering it. Then go to the Lost Desert through the left teleportation spot, go left and you will see 3 Cactus, and then 3 Stones. Finally you will find a Wallet (you will be sent back to the Egyptian Great Llano if you do not do these things in the right order)
Click the wallet to activate the fight. Go back to meet the European Merchant when you win the fight. (1000 Gold will be lost if you escape or lose)
Rewards: Hot Potato *1
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List of Quests: Baked and Hot Potato
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